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Languages: English, French

Training Module on Biosecurity and Biosafety in the Laboratory

[Module on Biosecurity and Biosafety]

This training module currently includes an interactive, virtual walkthrough of a biomedical laboratory in Bamako, Mali. The walkthrough lets you explore the rooms within the lab and observe key activities. The training module is expected to be expanded to include the topics of risk assessment and technical data sheets.


The Training Module on Biosecurity and Biosafety in the Laboratory is designed to raise awareness of risks associated with laboratories by allowing users to do a virtual tour of  the Charles Mérieux Center for Infectious Disease (CICM) in Bamako, Mali, a biosafety level 3 (BSL3) laboratory. The tour takes users through the waiting room, sampling room, microbiology lab, biochemistry and hematology lab, and the BSL 3 facilities, giving biosafety and biosecurity guidance and recommendations in every room. Currently, the lab tour is the only available training module, but the complete training and revised virtual tour will be ready by end 2022, and will incorporate the WHO LBM 4th edition. The module is available in English and French. 

The training module was published by the Quality Initiative of the Merieux Foundation in June 2018. The Initiative aims to improve access to quality diagnostics by helping to implement quality management systems, train laboratory personnel, and certifying qualifying laboratories. The Initiative uses the plan-do-act-check approach to quality management that aims to bring laboratories in line with international standards. The Merieux Foundation is an independent, family foundation that focuses on fighting infectious disease in developing countries through diagnostics by building laboratory capacity.