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Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Materials

[Lab Biosafety and Biosecurity Training]

This series of Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Sessions currently includes five presentations on the WHO LBM 4th edition, an informational video on developing sustainable systems and one presentation on ISO 35001:2019 and ISO 15190:2020. Additionally, there are slide decks from previous in-person workshops. The provision of this training material is part of a larger effort to increase access and collaboration among Public Health Laboratories in the Caribbean.


The Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Materials contain a five-part series of webinars on the WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual (LBM) 4th Edition and an informational video about sustainable systems for pathogen biosafety published in 2021, and one webinar on the international standards for Biorisk Management ISO 35001:2019 and Laboratory Safety for Medical Laboratories ISO 15190:2020 (all of which are in this library). The webinar series covers what’s new in the WHO LBM 4th edition - risk assessment, biosafety program management, outbreak preparedness and resilience, personal protective equipment and waste management, laboratory design and use of Biological Safety Cabinets. The audience for the webinars are laboratory personnel that handle biological materials. The recordings are available in English. 

The materials are published by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) as part of it's Regional Biosafety and Biosecurity Programme. One of the objectives of the program is to support sustainable biological risk management best practices using common educational materials such as those provided on the website. The webinar series was done in collaboration with the Caribbean Public Health Laboratory Network (CariPHLN). CariPHLN aims to strengthen national and regional laboratory services for preparedness and response to new threats in the Caribbean.