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Biosafety, Biosecurity and the Evaluation of Biohazards Course - Facilitators' Manual

[Evaluation of BioHazards Course]

The online facilitators' manual describes the structure of the Biosafety, Biosecurity, and the Evaluation of Biohazards Course and contains links to the accompanying lecture presentations, student readings, exercises, and assignments. The course is designed to provide an overview of biological safety for students at all levels with an interest in microbiology and specifically the epidemiology of microbial diseases.


This resource includes a facilitator's manual, Powerpoint lectures, student readings, exercises, and assignments. The facilitator’s manual is available both as a PDF and as an online tool. This course provides an overview of the field of biological safety and its application for students and epidemiologists. The course is geared towards students who may handle hazardous biological materials, graduate students considering biosafety as a profession, and public health professionals who are interested in exploring biohazards. It was initially taught by a biosafety officer, but the course guide stipulates that professionals from a variety of different fields may serve as course instructors or provide assistance with the course. Instructors may be members of the university’s microbiology department, the institution’s biological safety committee, the local public health department, animal resource center, or first responder services. The course may be modified as necessary to suit the instructor or student needs.

This guide is based on the Yale School of Public Health’s semester-long Biosafety class. The Yale School of Public Health is home to one of the oldest public health masters programs in the United States and consistently ranks as one of the best schools for public health in the United States. The course was created by Ben Fontes, who has been a Biosafety Officer at Yale University since 1995. Currently, the course materials are only available in English. There are no planned updates to this course at this time.