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Languages: English, Dutch

Netherlands Biosecurity Office Dual-Use Quickscan

[Dual-Use Quickscan]

The dual use quick scan tool allows users to quickly identify potential dual-use aspects in research and seeks to raise awareness of dual-use issues among researchers. The dual-use quick scan tool consists of 15 different questions whose content has been extracted from scientific literature and reports. The results can be used to help seek consultation about the research in question.


This tool consists of 15 questions about the user’s research that are associated with potential dual use aspects of life sciences research. Each question is based on characteristic examples of dual use research from scientific literature and reports. Once the questionnaire is completed, the tool provides a final overview with the answers submitted to each question and a link to a page explaining the results and how to use them.

In 2009, the Dutch government initiated a coordinated Biosecurity Program to assist organizations that handle potentially hazardous biological agents and any associated technology. The Netherlands Biosecurity Office was founded in 2012 as a part of that program.  The Biosecurity Office is the Dutch knowledge and information center for biosecurity. It offers a plethora of awareness-raising online tools and in-person workshops. In creating these resources, the Biosecurity Office refers to previously adopted practices set forth by national and international initiatives, including the BTWC, the EU CBRN Action Plan, CWA 15793, and the Dutch Biosecurity Code of Conduct. The dual use scan is just one of the online tools available on the Biosecurity Office’s website. The tool is currently only available in English and Dutch. No updates are expected at this time.