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Core Biorisk Management Document Templates

[Core Document Templates]

The Core Biorisk Management Document Templates are a collection of templates for biosafety and biosecurity procedures that can be customized to facilitate implementation of a biorisk management system (such as CWA 15793 and ISO 35001).


The Core Biorisk Management Document Templates, produced by Sandia National Laboratories, provide biosafety and biosecurity professionals with customizable templates for creating manuals, program plans, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for a biorisk management program. The templates are designed to streamline the process of creating these documents and to remind staff of relevant content to address in documentation. Templates should be adapted to each facility to promote a sustainable biorisk management program based on facility-specific needs, risk assessments, and local, national, and international regulations and guidelines.

The resources in these sets have been used in combination with training courses and document writing workshops, and have served as the templates for CWA implementation projects, and documents distributed by the CDC and other US agencies.

The library contains the following sets of templates:

  • Biorisk Management Manuals
  • The Program Plans
  • The Biosafety Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • The Biosecurity Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Standard Operating Procedure Resources