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This short video explains the Netherland's Biosecurity Office's eight pillars of good biosecurity practice. The explanation can help viewers understand how to implement best practices within their own organizations. This film might be especially relevant to members of organizations that work with high-risk biological materials and dangerous pathogens.


This 5-minute video provides a basic explanation of each of the Netherlands Biosecurity Office’s eight pillars of biosecurity: awareness, personnel reliability, transport security, information security, accountability for materials, response, management, and physical measures. This video is focused on members of organizations who work with high risk biological materials. 

In 2009, the Dutch government initiated a coordinated Biosecurity Program to assist organizations that handle potentially hazardous biological agents and any associated technology. The Netherlands Biosecurity Office was founded in 2012 as a part of that program.  The Biosecurity Office is the Dutch knowledge and information center for biosecurity. It offers a plethora of awareness-raising online tools and in-person workshops. In creating these resources, the Biosecurity Office refers to previously adopted practices set forth by national and international initiatives, including the BTWC, the EU CBRN Action Plan, CWA 15793, and the Dutch Biosecurity Code of Conduct. A Dutch version of the video is available with Dutch subtitles. An English version of the video is also available with Russian subtitles. A plain-text description of the video is provided in both English and Dutch.