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An Analytical Approach: biosafety and biosecurity oversight framework

[An Analytical Approach]

The Analytical Approach tool, available in an online course by PDF, provides a methodology for regional, national, or local authorities to develop, modernize, implement, and maintain national biosafety and biosecurity systems to mitigate the risks of a natural, accidental, or deliberate release of biological agents.


An Analytical Approach: biosafety and biosecurity oversight framework is a tool developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada to help countries and regions strengthen their biosafety and biosecurity capacity by implementing, modernizing, and maintaining national biosafety and biosecurity oversight systems. The tool is available through an online course or in a downloadable PDF, both of which can be accessed by creating a free account. The tool has examples and sample exercises, workshop outlines, templates for organizing and gathering data, and other resources available in English and French.

The tool framework has a particular focus on mitigating the public health risks posed by the use of pathogens and toxins in biological laboratories. The tool is designed in a modular, scalable and flexible format that allows countries to adapt the approach to their unique needs and work through the methodology independently. The approach can be used by countries at any stage of oversight development, such as those who: already have a framework and wish to validate it, wish to update or modernize their current framework, and have no oversight in place.

The Analytical Approach is part of a larger suite of biosafety and biosecurity resources maintained by the Canadian Centre for Biosecurity in collaboration with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Health Canada and PHAC. The Centre has 4 offices that focus on biosecurity: 1. Office of Biosafety Programs and Planning (OBPP), 2. Office of Biosafety and Biocontainment Operations (OBBO) , 3. Office of Pathogen Security (OPS), 4. Office of Stakeholder Engagement and Regulatory Affairs (OSERA). This project was funded by Global Affairs Canada's Weapons Threat Reduction Program.