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CEN Workshop Agreement 15793: Laboratory Biorisk Management Standard

[CWA 15793]

CWA 15793 is voluntary standard that outlines a set of requirements that establish a biorisk management system for the handling and storage of biological agents and toxins in a laboratory setting. The requirements cover risks to employees, the community and the environment.


The  European Committee for Standardization (CEN) Workshop Agreement 15793 (CWA 15973): Laboratory Biorisk Management Standard is a management systems approach that implements a plan-do-check-act cycle to identify, monitor and control laboratory biosafety and biosecurity. The Standard was prepared through a CEN workshop on Laboratory biosafety and biosecurity which was attended by 76 experts from around the world. It was published in 2008, and updated in 2011, and is available in English, French and German. This Standard comes with a companion implementation guide, CWA 16393, and provided the foundation for ISO 35001: Biorisk management for laboratories and other related organisations which was published in 2019 (both resources have their own entry in this library). 

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