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Australian Veterinary Emergency Plan


AUSVETPLAN contains the nationally-agreed approach for the response to emergency animal disease (EAD) incidents in Australia. The plan is available in a series of manuals and supporting documents that support efficient, effective, and coherent responses to animal diseases.


The Australian Veterinary Emergency Plan (AUSVETPLAN) is a nationally agreed upon approach for responding to emergency animal disease (EAD) incidents in Australia. The plan is broken into several components: disease specific response strategies, operational manuals for activities common to EAD situations, enterprise manuals for certain businesses that pose risks or are more at risk during EAD incidents, and management manuals for control centers and laboratory preparedness. It also contains guidance documents for personnel involved in an EAD outbreak, resource documents on particular technical issues relevant to managing an EAD outbreak and other reference material. The continual development of the AUSVETPLAN is led by Animal Health Australia (AHA) in collaboration with government and industry stakeholders at the national, state, and territory levels.  

While the plan is specific to Australia, AUSVETPLAN is a good example of harmonized emergency management, so that during an EAD incident every organization knows their role and responsibilities. It also provides a framework for rapid policy development as unforeseen risks emerge during an EAD Response. Additionally, it provides reference materials for Australian EAD response training and exercises. The 1st edition of the AUSVETPLAN was published in 1991 and each document and manual undergoes a regular review process. The plan is available in English on the Animal Health Australia website.