Sample Legislation, Regulatory Guidelines and other tools for implementation of the BWC

[Tools for BWC Implementation]

This page includes sample legislation for policymakers seeking to implement the BWC and other legislative drafting tools.


This online tool contains a set of documents intended to help national policymakers implement the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) and other legislative drafting tools. The Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) is an international treaty that prohibits States from developing, producing or stockpiling biological weapons. It entered into force in 1975, and as of December 2021, has 183 States Parties that have ratified the treaty, and 4 Signatory States, which have signed but not yet ratified it. This page contains drafting tools for the ratification or accession to the BWC in addition to sample acts, model laws, and legislative guides for the national implementation of the treaty’s provisions. While the main webpage is in English, several of these documents are available in multiple languages. Additionally, a civil law version has been provided for one of the sample acts in French and Spanish.   This tool is authored by the Verification Research, Training and Information Centre (VERTIC), an independent, non-profit based in the UK. The VERTIC supports the development, implementation, and verification of international agreements. The organization has three main programs: 1. Verification and Monitoring, 2. National Implementation Measures, 3. Compliance Mechanisms and Measures. This tool is under the national implementation program for the BWC. Under the Implementing the Biological Weapons Convention program there are several tools: International Agreements, Legislative Assistance Provider, Legislation Drafting Tools, Legislation Drafting Assistant, Legislative Analysis Tool, BWC Legislation Database, Universality of the BWC, National Implementation Measures, and Fact Sheets. Many of these tools have their own entries in this library as well, including one sample act that can be found on this webpage.