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Global Guidance Framework for the Responsible Use of the Life Sciences: Mitigating Biorisks and Governing Dual-Use Research

[Global Guidance Framework]

The Global Guidance Framework details international norms and best practices on how to mitigate biorisk and govern dual-use research through case studies and step-by-step tools.


The Global Guidance Framework identifies gaps in the governance of biorisk and provides a framework for member states and other stakeholders to manage dual-use research and mitigate biorisks. The framework facilitates the responsible use of life science research. It provides an integrated approach, as well as specific tools, checklists, and mechanisms for stakeholders to raise awareness and build capability in biosecurity. 

The framework is developed by the World Health Organization, and designed to provide principles and step-by-step tools for policymakers to manage biorisk created by accident or misuse. The framework also provides case studies, scenarios, and resources as references.